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The class is designed as the next level of prayer training for “Warrior Daughter You are Called to Pray without Ceasing”. It will teach you how to be More than a Conqueror in Jesus Christ, and how to live as an Overcomer no matter what is going on in your life or in this world.

God has a plan for His Kingdom to overcome all of the schemes and powers of our adversary, Satan has a plan to destroy you, your family and all you hold dear to your heart and your home. Do you want to live free in Christ?  If so, this is the Prayer Intensive is for you!

Beginning November 7, you and your family can be safe from the deception of the attacks of the enemy. You will be equipped to overcome the spiritual forces of fear, anger, strife, confusion, bitterness, and despair - to name a few.

You will learn how to use prayer and the Word of God as weapons against the enemy.

Please, attend this Prayer Intensive and move from being a victim of the enemy - to being a Victor in Christ Jesus as More than A Conqueror.

Women are saying, “This Prayer Intensive is life changing”.  

Join us, and become that Overcomer who is More than a Conqueror in Christ!

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